Top-Notch Defective

From Lincoln, NE

Top-Notch Defective from Lincoln, NE

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, founding members James & Steven have been in it since 2016; and helping to keep this powerful skate/ska punk ensemble alive; Jason, Kai, and Zack all joined at various points of Top-Notch Defective’s life. Having played almost 100 shows, a couple of tours, and releasing a full-length album, Top-Notch Defective said they’ve made a ton of great friends over the years. While the band itself is on an indefinite hiatus due to some health issues with one of their members, you can still check them out on this compilation, their full-length, and their upcoming split EP with Bombs Blast.

  • Jason Kelly
  • Kai Kelly
  • Steve Hanley
  • Zack Gearhart
  • James Tomlinson
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