Tribal Gaze

From Longview, TX Maggot Stomp Records

Tribal Gaze from Longview, TX

Rather than follow a well-trodden path, TRIBAL GAZE bulldozes a lane of their own under the tracks of their hard-hitting and hypnotic brand of death metal. The band – vocalist McKenna Holland, bassist Zachary Denton, drummer Cesar De Los Santos, and guitarists Quintin Stauts and Ian Kilmer -- crushes without compromise, fortifying a technical assault with jackhammer hooks. Earning acclaim from the likes of notable media outlets and sharing stages with Municipal Waste, Creeping Death, and more, the group present an unforgiving and undeniable vision on their full-length debut album, The Nine Choirs. - Earsplit PR

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  • Zachary Denton
  • Mckenna Holland
  • Cesar De Los Santos
  • Quintin Stauts
  • Ian Kilmer
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