Twisted Tower Dire

From Raleigh, NC Nameless Grave Records Since 02/1995

Twisted Tower Dire from Raleigh, NC

In the days of olde, after classic heavy metal was supplanted by extreme music and before the current reignition of interest that the genre has enjoyed, Northern Virginia’s TWISTED TOWER DIRE tirelessly defended true heavy metal in all forms as they sought to breathe new light into a then largely dead genre. By the time their now-legendary third album Crest Of The Martyrs was written they were on top of the world, having played Wacken for the first time a couple years earlier and having released two full-lengths on The Miskatonic Foundation, run by Rich Walker of Solstice fame, as well as a wide array of EPs, splits, compilation tracks, and more. - Earsplit PR

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  • Tony Taylor
  • Scott Waldrop
  • David Boyd
  • Marc Stauffer
  • Jim Hunter
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