From Athens, Greece Metal Blade Records Since 11/2002

W.E.B. from Athens, Greece

Forged in 2002 out of a “necessity to scream, blast, and create emotions and get on stage to exchange them with an audience,” Greece’s W.E.B. have steadily forged a path to becoming one of the premier European symphonic extreme metal bands expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry. An output that’s both candid and theatrical, W.E.B. is here to move you, provoke you, and invite you on a journey through ravendark and starless nights. With four albums already under their collective belt, 2021’s fifth full-length, Colosseum, is inarguably the band’s greatest and most direct work to date. - Earsplit PR

  • Sakis Prekas
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Hel Pyre
    Bass & Vocals
  • Sextus A. Maximus
  • Nikitas Mandolas
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