Wasted Breath

Wasted Breath

From Spokane, WA Blackhouse Records Since 10/2016

Wasted Breath from Spokane, WA

Formed in 2016, guitarist Kyle Butler has set out to blend the genres of music he has grown up listening to, and it shows in the formulation. Bonded together with Dusty O'Brien; a drummer with a Jazz and Rockabilly background who has been playing and touring in various punk rock and metal bands for over 20 years, and bassist Nick King, an ex-busker who brings a pseudo-drifter style to round out the melodies and rhythms to set the mood of the composition.

With a previous live album released back in 2017, the band has certainly paid their dues, earning the support and friendship of many of their co-horts in the punk rock community, most notably the legendary D.O.A., among others. There are no signs of slowing down from there, as the momentum is stronger than ever, and it will be easily noticed with what the future holds. - Facebook

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  • Kyle Butler
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Dusty O'Brien
  • Nick King
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