From Stockholm, Sweden Nuclear Blast Records Since 04/1998

Watain from Stockholm, Sweden

Watain crawled out of Satan's cunt in 1998, and has since then ascended and grown into one of the world's most well known and notorious Black Metal bands. Their legacy is often referred to with fear, love, confusion or awe, but seldom with indifference.

Their infamous live shows have become a worldwide phenomenon; inimitable ceremonies of wild Black Metal fanatism where the sacred and solemn collides with raw unadulterated force.


With their greatly anticipated seventh studio album, Watain continues to arouse and electrify their audience with an unmistakable, adventurous brand of Black Metal Magic, processed and distilled over the course of a 25-year long history.

  • E. Danielsson
    Vocals & Guitar
  • P. Forsberg
  • A. Lillo
  • H. Eriksson
  • E. FOrcas
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