White Tundra

From Trondheim, Norway All Good Clean Records

White Tundra from Trondheim, Norway

White Tundra has been around since 2018 with core members Ola Fuglevaag (drums) and Steven Kresin (vocals / guitar) as the creative driving forces behind White Tundra's music. Despite some line up changes they have stayed true to their sound and continued writing and recording new music. The EP “Graveyard Blues” was released digitally in 2020 and on MC in 2021 and the 7” vinyl single “Honningfella” came out the same year. 2022 was spent recording their self titled debut album with new guitarist Christoffer Kjørsvik who also plays in Norwegian black metal band Sworn.

  • Steven Kresin
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Christoffer Kjørsvik
    Guitar & Bass
  • Ola Fuglevaag
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