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Wilderun from Boston, MA

Formed in 2012, WILDERUN have previously released three albums, 2012’s Olden Tales & Deathly Trails, 2015’s Sleep at the Edge of the Earth and Veil of Imagination. With the forthcoming release of Epigone the band take a deeper and darker step beyond their expansive, prog-leaning metal scores, revealing a different kind of inner turmoil spurred from the pandemic. With the soaring, cinematic orchestrations, Berry's death metaled inclinations, Ingram's (who has worked with film composer Hans Zimmer's company) challenging compositions, and Muller's atmospheric synth work, Wilderun are pushing boundaries and providing the perfect escapism for anyone who listens to their music. WILDERUN is Evan Anderson Berry (vocals, guitars, piano), Dan Müller (bass, synths, orchestrations), Jon Teachey (drums), Joe Gettler (lead guitar), and Wayne Ingram (orchestrations).

  • Jon Teachey
  • Joe Gettler
  • Wayne Ingram
  • Evan Anderson Berry
    Vocals, Guitar & Piano
  • Dan Müller
    Bass, Synth & Orchestrations
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