Wisdom In Chains

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Wisdom In Chains from Stroudsburg, PA

Wisdom in Chains was born September 11th 2001, an idea between some friends. Maarten from the band Daredevil in Holland wanted to record a side project with his friends from Krutch in the United States. They wanted to have some fun and write some good hardcore, taking influences from all the styles of music they loved throughout the years. On September 11th 2001 Maarten flew in from Holland, landing in NYC to start recording some new songs. He made it to Pennsylvania by the morning missing the chaos that was to hit NYC. However the recording was delayed because Richie (the guitar player for Krutch) was at Ground Zero that day, he would make it home fortunately on September 12th. The international side project would hit the studio and record, releasing their first recording on GSR from Europe, this line up however would never play together live. A few years later Richie and vocalist Mad Joe who shared duty in the band Mushmouth aka Out To Win talked about starting Wisdom in Chains back up after Mushmouth called the quits. They contacted Maarten, and with his blessing recruited a full American line up. With Mushmouth drummer Shannon, and local drunks Tony and Big Show the line up was complete. With this line up they would record their first official full length "Die Young" released first on Spook City Records in America and Rucktion in Europe, and then licensed to Eulogy. Die Young was well received, an album filled with anthems, songs ranging the heavy music spectrum from punk, to metal, to Oi, but always clearly Hardcore. With this line up and with these songs they would tour overseas and push their product to whoever would listen. Heavyweights in the Hardcore scene took notice and offers to tour with bands like Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, and Madball started to come in. Wisdom took advantage on these offers, doing whatever tours where possible while still maintaining full time jobs. The band recorded a 7' for Baltimore label A389 Records entitled "Vigilante Saint" to hold over fans until the next full length. Next the band would record their second full length, "Class War" was released on Eulogy records, more aggressive then Die Young, but still packed with anthems like Cap City, My Promise, and Land of Kings. Wisdom maintained their steady road assault and their reputation for being a tight act live with insane fans grew. They would leave Eulogy Records to record their next full length "Everything You Know", released on I-Scream Records this album came out to great reviews, making the band more aggressive, more melodic, and more memorable on all levels. From this release, Wisdom would record their first videos for the songs "Back to the Ocean" and already classic "Chasing the Dragon". With the same game plan, WIC would released the Reaper Records 7' "Pocono Ghost" to hold over the kids while working on their new full length. Now here we are, and long time members Tony and Big Show both had to leave the band, one for an injury, and one for work. Stepping in was Evan from Mad Joe's old band Feeble, and Mav from Richie's old band Krutch. With a line up stronger then ever, the band is working on their newest full length, more videos, and more tours! The fan base for this band is so intense and enthusiastic, its a throwback to pure music, no bullshit, no fantasies, no attitudes..Just raw aggressive lyrically and musically driven songs made to prove to the world that this form of music has a place and should be taken very seriously.. - Facebook

  • Jotham Oliver
  • Richie Krutch
  • Luke Rota
  • Mav
  • Evan One
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