Witness Chamber

From Boise, ID DAZE

Witness Chamber from Boise, ID

Following the band’s 2021 EP, Paradise Awaits, on True Delusion the quartet has continued to build on their metallic-style sound, creating six bleak and intense tracks. Inspired by bands ranging from Foundation to Dying Fetus to Division Of Mind, Witness Chamber established a dark, immense and innovative sound when recording True Delusion. Guest vocal appearances from Jess Nyx of Mortality Rate and Maximus Hall of Ego Death add extra depth to Chad Pingree’s searing delivery. The lyrics address issues that plague mankind through an existentialist viewpoint, from religious indoctrination to media consumption. Throughout True Delusion, Witness Chamber balance critical thought with breakneck riffs to create a perfect 13 minutes of chaos.

  • Chad Pingree
  • Hunter Wahl
  • Jason Martinez
  • Alex Marshall
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