Wo Fat

From Dallas, TX Ripple Music Since 05/2003

Wo Fat from Dallas, TX

After over 12 years of slinging their Texas-sized psychedelic blues doom, Wo Fat is going stronger androcking harder than ever, as they continue their swampadelic visionquest of overdriven, fuzz-laden riffageand jazz-minded jam explorations, and with six studio albums, a live album, and a couple splits under theirbelt, Wo Fat has gained a reputation as one of the premier US Stoner Metal bands. Starting with TheGathering Dark in 2006, they have stayed true to the deep, dark blues that wails from within and haveforged their riffs with a primal grooviness, giving them a consistency of style, even while they haveprogressed and matured as a band, with their musical forays getting heavier but also trippier at times.2009’s Psychedelonaut really began to solidify the Wor Fat name, garnering them wider critical recognition,leading to releases with Nasoni and Totem Cat records and then on to their two most critically acclaimedreleases to date, The Black Code (2013) and The Conjuring (2014,) both released on the iconic stoner rocklabel, Small Stone Records, with The Conjuring landing on NPR’s “Top Ten Metal Albums of 2014” list,among numerous other “best of” lists. One reviewer (yourlastrites.com) aptly described the album thisway: “It’s hard to know where to place The Conjuring along the stoner spectrum because it’s metal heavy,but it rolls like rock.” During these last few years, Wo Fat has made appearances a number of iconicfestivals in Europe and the US, including Roadburn Festival, Freak Valley Festival, Psycho CaliforniaFestival, Sylak Open Air Festival, Desertfest Berlin, Desertfest London, Maryland Doomfest, StonedMeadow of Doom, Doomed and Stoned Indiana, and one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, thefamed Hellfest in France, where they were included on Metal Hammer’s “Nine Best Bands of Friday atHellfest” list, Wo Fat teamed up with Ripple Records to release Midnight Cometh, the newest slab ofriffage that is possibly their most daring psychotropic exploration of heaviness to date. With voodoodrums beating and molten blues-tempered waves of guitar riffery, they are carrying on the Wo Fattradition of keeping things heavy and fuzzy, but also groovy, which, all too often, is a missing element inmuch modern heavy music. You can hear the echoes of field hollers and that oft forgotten “way backyonder funk” that fuel the fire that burns deep in the swamp at the witching hour. You can feel the rushof living on the edge and glimpse a phantasmal Coltrane in your peripheral vision as they careen throughimprovisational jams. And all this with an unrelenting metal heaviness underscoring apocalyptic lyricsthat conjure visions of the end of an age, (our age?) and black midnight bargains and the consequencesreaped. While Wo Fat may be speaking a familiar language to the apostles of the riff, there isn’t anyonethat sounds quite like them.

The most recent album, Midnight Cometh, was welcomed by loads of great reviews and Wo Fat has hada full page interview feature in Classic Rock Magazine.

Rumor has it that incantations and conjurings of the Riff have begun for the next album… - Wo Fat Official Website

  • Kent Stump
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Michael Walter
  • Zack Busby
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