From Manchester, UK 20 Buck Spin Records Since 03/2010

Wode from Manchester, UK

One may hear the ancient voice of obscure and revered gods reflected through WODE’s sulphuric incantations, the raging fire of the most blasphemous legends of the past called upon by the spirit of chaos and death. Shrouded in sepulchral black metal atmosphere and freezing cold melodies, Burn In Many Mirrors displays a studied regard for songcraft and motive well beyond mere convention, transforming into a concentrated dark chorus of ruin and abomination.


Now into the second decade of existence in the material plane, WODE’s definitive melding of black metal’s ecstatic desecration, death metal's sharply attuned sense of violent purpose, and classic anthemic ‘80s metal instills Burn In Many Mirrors with the elements necessary to sear itself into the fervent heart of the faithful. - Earsplit PR

  • M. Czerwoniuk
    Vocals, Guitar, Synth & Keys
  • D. Shaw
    Guitar & Vocals
  • T. Horrocks
    Drums, Guitar, Synth & Keys
  • E. Troup
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