Wolf Jaw

Wolf Jaw

From Black Country, UK Listenable Records Since 12/2014

Wolf Jaw from Black Country, UK

Wolf Jaw (formally The Bad Flowers) formed from the depths of the Black Country in 2014 comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist, Tom Leighton, whose signature riffs, fuzz emotive guitar and pure vocals have distinctive sound unlike anybody else. Bassist Dale Tonks provides a deep heavy groove and tasty bass runs that underpins Karl Selickis' chest pumping drums and impeccable rhythmic feel.


The combination of these three formidable players makes Wolf Jaw a force to be reckoned with, forging a sound steeped in the raw, passionate energy of the Black country's 70's heroes, but, at the same time, keeping the vibe very much in tune with the 21st century rock sensibilities.


Wolf Jaws sheer raw power, passion and nostalgia has given them a unique sound that can only be described as “thunderous rock and roll”. Every time the power trio hit the stage, their audience will be subjected to rollercoaster guitar riffs, solid grooves and choruses that will have them singing all the way home. Wolf Jaw have a knack for ensuring that you won’t be forgetting them in a hurry.


In the formative years of 2014/15  Wolf Jaw (then The Bad Flowers) gained a reputation for their energetic live shows in local pubs, clubs and venues cutting their teeth with the local older and more experienced musicians and soaking up as much stagecraft as possible. During this productive time of wild abandon, the band released the Vicious Lullabies EP and Killing Time EP's. - ThisIsWolfJaw.com

  • Tom Leighton
    Vocals and Guitar
  • Dale Tonks
  • Karl Selickis
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