Bleeding Through’s Brandan Schieppati Asked To Front Killswitch Engage?

The Meep Meep Podcast has regularly been surviving up thorough recaps on the discography of Roadrunner Records. Recently, the podcast has expanded it's coverage by including albums distributed on by Roadrunner on Trustkill Records, with the Patreon exclusive, Living With A Pod Complex.

On the most recent episode, host and Getting It Out contributor, Ryan Rainbro discussed Bleeding Through's 2006 breakthrough album The Truth. Poolside, vocalist Brandan Schieppati and Rainbro guide the listener through the process of the record and it's release. However, Schieppati mentions the album could have been derailed had he accepted a job offer from Killswitch Engage.

Brandan Schieppati: "I don't know why everyone thought we were gonna be Killswitch."

Ryan Rainbro: "I don't know if they did. I've never heard that from anyone but you.

Brandan Schieppati: "I got asked to sing for Killswitch, when Jesse quit the first time"

Ryan Rainbro: "Is that true?!"

Brandan Schieppati: "That is a true story. I was in Arkansas with Bleeding Through, Norma Jean, and Every Time I Die - the first Bleeding Through tour we ever did...I just kinda knew that Bleeding Through was my shit. I knew I was gonna leave 18 Visions and just do Bleeding Through and I remember their A&R guy hits me up and goes hey ya know the band wants you to try out for Killswitch and at the time...Killswitch was an unknown. They weren't really poppin' off yet. Bleeding Through actually was probably bigger than them at that time...They actually asked James from 18 Visions too. But we both recommended Howard and there you go"

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