Brodequin Drop "Suffocation In Ash"

The second single from BRODEQUIN's highly-anticipated fourth album Harbinger Of Woe is here! "Suffocation In Ash" is just one of ten tracks to be offered up by the medieval obsessed death metal trio that Season Of Mist Records will release on March 22nd.

"I sought to shed light on an execution method rooted in antiquity", Jamie Bailey (bass and vocals) says about the concept behind the new single. "This specific technique often escapes the attention of those intrigued by these kinds of historical practices. Lyrically, my aim was to transport the listener into the vivid depiction of the scene I attempt to portray." 

Pre-order Harbinger Of Woe HERE.

Harbinger Of Woe Tracklist:
1. Diabolical Edict
2. Fall ​Of The Leaf
3. Theresiana
​4. Of Pillars and Trees
5. Tenaillement
6. Maleficium
7. VII Nails
8. Vredens Dag
9. Suffocation in Ash
10. Harbinger of Woe

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