Carnation Unleash "Maruta" Music Video

Belgian death metal act CARNATION have revealed the second single from their impending third album Cursed Mortality due out November 3rd via Season Of Mist. "Maruta" is inspired by the real life history of Japan's experimental Manshu Detachment 731. If you want to deep dive on the subject, I'd suggest you do some Googling, but if you want the death metal cliff notes, allow Carnation to help.

"Those who desire brutality, look no further", says vocalist Simon Duson. "Maruta is here to crush your skull with trashy hooks, groovy beats and punishing death metal riffs!"  

Pre-save Cursed Mortality HERE.

Cursed Mortality Tracklist:
1.Herald of Demise (04:03) feat. Andy LaRocque)
2.Maruta (04:07) [WATCH HERE]
3.Metropolis (03:24)
4.Replicant (03:49)
5.Dutroux (03:48)
6.Submerged in Deafening Silence (04:26)
7.Cycle of Suffering (04:05)
8.Cursed Mortality (07:30) [WATCH HERE]

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