Caterwaul Announces Their 2023 Lineup

Official Press Release:

Featuring a captivating list of the rowdiest, mightiest noise-rock bands in the land. Caterwaul careens into its second hotly anticipated year.

“It pretty much has to be a labor of love, because there’s certainly no financial reward to it at all” – explains one of the founders of Caterwaul. Distinctly DIY and powered by sheer enthusiasm and desire to build community.

A joint allied operation between Learning Curve Records (record label) and Seismic Wave Entertainment (Record label and the Protonic Reversal podcast), Rainer Fronz and Conan Neutron, brought in the amazingly talented Melanie Thomas to help with 2022’s triumphant 4-day live event. It has only grown in 2023. The band names might not all be immediately familiar, but the sense of community and the uncompromising creativity is unmistakable. Caterwaul is here and is staking a claim for the bold, weird and uncompromising.

These three people of the The Caterwaul Society have created an eclectic festival with strong ethics based on community – involving bands they already had relationships with, as well as new likeminded artists from the US and beyond. “Most of the bands we have booked for Caterwaul are either directly or indirectly involved thru Learning Curve, or at least can be followed down part of the family tree from either Conan or I”, points out Rainer. “It is a physical manifestation of a devoted online community.” adds Conan

Describing Minneapolis as “a great town for eccentric noisy music”, the musical landscape in the city is unique from Chicago, Texas or either coast. There is a rich history ranging from Prince to Hüsker Dü, Amphetamine Reptile Records and Twin Tone that has organically developed over the years. Caterwaul is a worthy standard bearer of that tradition. But Is it Noise-rock?

Conan says: “You can refer to it as that, but I think there is enough variety on the bills to not limit it to one genre alone. It is noisy and it will rock. Count on it. That’s a Caterwaul guarantee!”
Supported by Learning Curve Records/Seismic Wave Entertainment and the Caterwaul Society, the annual event will take place May 26-29, at Minneapolis’ Mortimer’s (May 26) and Palmer’s (May 27-30).The four-day tickets are available now here. With Single day passes available at a later time.

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Schedule Of Caterwaul 2023:

Friday, May 26th, 2023 – at Mortimer’s

Tongue Party
Elephant Rifle
Wailin' Storms
Moon Pussy
Asbestos Worker

Saturday, May 27th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Hands Up Who Wants to Die
Child Bite
Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Them Teeth
Delicious Monsters
Burned or Buried
Upright Forms

Sunday, May, 28th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Distorted Pony
USA Nails
Rid of Me
A Deer A Horse
Kal Marks
The Art Gray Noizz Quintet
Couch Slut
Mr Phylzzz
Heet Deth
Action Chief

Monday, May 29th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Animal Bite
The Tunnel
Terminus Victor
Work Party
Primitive Broadcast Service
Another Heaven
Something is Waiting
Gay Witch Abortion

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