Chamber Announces New Album "A Love To Kill For"

Nashville metalcore act CHAMBER have announced plans for a new album titled A Love To Kill For due out July 14th via Pure Noise Records. Accompanying the announcement is brand new track and music video for second single, "Devoured" featuring Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX.

The band comments on the track, "Devoured' is essentially about people who don’t know when to give up on something. We wrote the whole song at the studio and tried to turn up the extremity in every way possible. Some skeletons for songs on the record were written beforehand, but this one was written in the studio in roughly an hour while we were jamming in the live room.

Pre-order A Love To Kill For through Pure Noise Records HERE.

A Love To Kill For Tracklisting: 
1. Chamber
2. Retribution
3. At My Hands
4. Tremble
5. To Die In The Grips Of Poison
6. One Final Sacrifice
7. We Followed You To The Bitter End
8. Our Beauty Decayed, Nothing Was Left
9. Devoured
10. When Deliverance Comes
11. Mirror
12. Cyanide Embrace
13. A Love To Kill For
14. Hopeless Portrait

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