Despite Health Issues Razor's Dave Carlo Still Shreds

Canada's RAZOR is making their long awaited return with Cycles of Contempt through Relapse Records.

While this is a welcome assault on your ears, guitarist Dave Carlo revealed on an episode of Getting It Out Podcast the years have been assaulting his central sight! So how does he still play guitar? There's some close up magic involved.

Cycles of Contempt is out soon probably I don't remember I don't speak France.

Dave Carlo
Interviewed by Dan Craley
  • You mentioned your health issues and things you’ve been going through in the recent years. Has that changed your approach on how you’re doing Razor now?

    Definitely because I’ve lost my eyesight, my central eyesight…Looking directly at something, I can’t see it.

    That created a problem obviously for EVERY aspect of my life…I’ve got assisted devices which I use for EVERYTHING.

    On the guitar, what I have is glow-in-the-dark tape on my frets and I hit it with ultraviolet light about 10 minutes before we get onstage and it glows for 2 or 3 hours. So I can’t really see my hands on the fretboard, but I can feel my way around.

  • Wow that’s pretty impressive. Did somebody help you come up with these techniques or did you figure out this stuff on your own? That glow in the dark UV light tape, that’s pretty genius.

    That was me. I was trying to figure out what could I do. At first I tried color tape but quickly realized that’s okay if it’s bright on stage but then if they dim the lights then I have a problem. Then I tried fluorescent tape and eventually I started thinking ‘GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!’

    For a while I was using these glow-in-the-dark stars that kids use to decorate their ceilings because I never realized glow-in-the-dark tape existed.

    Now I have tape and I only do it before the show and I’m good for hours.

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