Dying Wish Announce New Album & Music Video

Portland's DYING WISH have announced the details for their new album Symptoms Of Survival due out November 3rd courtesy of SharpTone Records. Accompanying the particulars of their sophomore effort, is a music video for new single "Watch My Promise Die".

"'Watch My Promise Die' is written about the overwhelming anxiety of pre-destined failure," says singer Emma. "When you commit everything you have to one area of your life, the idea of it falling apart looms with such heavy importance. The song is written from the perspective of toying with that fear, allowing your weakness to overcome before you lose everything in a means outside of your control."

As for the album as a whole, she continues, "Symptoms of Survival is an eleven-part piece covering the complexity of human suffering in all forms. From the honest and personal perspective of heartbreak, painful trauma, loss, rage, and regret — to the more objective perspective of war, greed, and ultimate survival."

Pre-order Symptoms Of Survival HERE.

1. Symptoms of Survival
2. Watch My Promise Die   
3. Starved    
4. Prey For Me    
5. Path To Your Grave    
6. Paved In Sorrow    
7. Tongues of Lead   
8. Kiss of Judas    
9. Hell's Final Blessing    
10. Torn From Your Silhouette    
11. Lost In The Fall

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