Ephemeral Sign With DAZE

South Florida metallic hardcore band EPHEMERAL has signed with the ascending label simply known as DAZE. Their debut EP, Tower Of Silence, is set for release on May 19th. Alongside the signing announcement is the first single "Tower Has Fallen".

Drummer Matt Cody comments on the track, “This song was mostly inspired by Bolt Thrower lyrics, which are almost always about war. It sort of plays into the title of the record. Historically, the Tower of Silence is said to be related with ‘making a final act of charity,’ after death. (Exposing corpses to vultures as food) Tower Has Fallen has a lot to do with someone giving themselves to war (the military) but with no reward, only to be used as a pawn.”

Tower of Silence is available for CD preorder through DAZE and digitally on Bandcamp.

Tower Of Silence Tracklist:

1. End Of God

2. Silenced

3. Tower Has Fallen

4. Eoness’ Call

5. Mortal Eye

Upcoming Shows:

4/29-30 - Atlanta, GA - House of Disorder Fest

5/2- Pittsburgh, PA - Preserving Underground*

5/3 - Brooklyn, NY - The Broadway*

5/4 - Philadelphia, PA - Bonks Bar*

5/5 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar*

5/6 - Richmond, VA - Swingers*

5/7 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone Club*

5/8- Jacksonville, FL - Island Tropics*

5/13 - Tampa, FL - Born Free Pub

6/2 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Gingers

*= with Symbiote (Corpus Records)

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