Final Gasp Share New Single "Blood And Sulfur"

Boston's FINAL GASP have revealed new single "Blood And Sulfur" from their forthcoming debut full-length Mourning Moon on Relapse Records.

“‘Blood and Sulfur’ is based on the short story ‘The Smell Of Sulfur’," vocalist Jacob Murphy tells.  “I found it in a really old book that was printed in the early 40s. It was about the Devil antagonizing a businessman by making everyone else around him successful and offering him his hand to give him the same success. The man ends up taking it, but when he does everyone around him dies and he’s the last one left on Earth, in turn making him the only successful person left.” 

Pre-order Mourning Moon HERE.

Mourning Moon Track Listing: 

1 - Climax Infinity (Official Music Video)
2 - Homebound
3 - Botched Ritual
4 - Frozen Glare
5 - Seize
6 - Blood and Sulfur (Official Lyric Video)
7 - Mourning Moon (Official Music Video)
8 - Unnatural Law
9 - 14 Gates
10 - Temptation
11 - The Vanishing
12 - Rows Of Heaven

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