Final Grasp Sign With Relapse Records

Eclectic Boston hardcore act FINAL GRASP have inked a deal with Relapse Records for their debut LP. Mourning Moon was recorded in Philadelphia with celebrated producer Arthur Rizk. The full-length is officially scheduled for release on September 22nd, but the title track is available now!

“The whole record has to do with loss,” explains vocalist and guitarist Jake Murphy. “The title comes from that anxious feeling you have when you go to bed and you’re thinking about everything all at once. You’re regretting decisions you’ve made—or didn’t make—and you’re up all night thinking about it.” 

“Every song was  written with nothing but a natural feeling for what felt right,” Murphy tells. “There’re tons of different influences, like Killing Joke and Die Kreuzen, even Echo & The Bunnymen and SSD.  But we’re not really thinking about other bands. We feel like we’ve tapped into something that’s our own.” 

Pre-order Mourning Moon HERE.

Mourning Moon Track Listing: 

1 - Climax Infinity
2 - Homebound
3 - Botched Ritual
4 - Frozen Glare
5 - Seize
6 - Blood and Sulfur
7 - Mourning Moon (Official Music Video)
8 - Unnatural Law
9 - 14 Gates
10 - Temptation
11 - The Vanishing
12 - Rows Of Heaven

Catch the band on the road starting next week.

Jul 07: Philadelphia, PA - Cousin Danny’s
Jul 08: Pittsburgh, PA - Shred Shed
Jul 09: Detroit, MI - Outer Limits
Jul 10: St. Louis, MO - Sinkhole
Jul 11: Kansas City, MO - Howdy
Jul 12: Denver, CO - 7th Circle
Jul 13: Salt Lake City, UT - Aces High
Jul 14: Moscow, ID - 1912 Center
Jul 15: Seattle, WA - Lucky Liquor
Jul 15: Tacoma, WA - New Frontier
Jul 16: Olympia, WA - Mortuary
Jul 17: Portland, OR - Blackwater
Jul 18: Chico, CA- Naked Lounge
Jul 19: Sacramento, CA - Cafe Colonial
Jul 20: Bakersfield, CA - Jerry’s Pizza
Jul 21: Los Angeles, CA - Monty Bar
Jul 22: San Diego, CA - Tower Bar
Jul 23: Long Beach, CA - Supply and Demand
Jul 24: Yucaipa, CA - Uptowner
Jul 25: Phoenix, AZ - The Beast
Jul 26: El Paso, TX - The Dungeon
Jul 27: San Antonio, TX - The Mix
Jul 28: Austin, TX - Mohawk
Jul 29: New Orleans, LA - Siberia
Jul 30: Jackson, MS - Urban Foxes
Jul 31: Memphis, TN - Hi Tone Downstairs
Aug 01: Birmingham, AL - The Firehouse
Aug 02: Savannah, GA - TBA
Aug 03: Richmond, VA - Fuzzy Cactus
Aug 04: Washington, DC - The Runaway
Aug 05: New York, NY - TV Eye

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