Flatspot Records Announce The Extermination Vol. 4

FLATSPOT RECORDS have revealed the details for The Extermination Vol. 4, a compilation set for release January 27th featuring exclusive tracks from artists on their roster and some of their favorite hardcore bands. The news is accompanied by "One Blood We Bleed" a new track from Australian hardcore powerhouse, SPEED.

"’One Blood We Bleed’ is about recognising the humility of man, that we are all equals on this earth. Amidst the helplessness of the world we choose to focus our energy into what we feel we can tangibly impact; the people in front of us. Our friends, family and our scene.  Living with compassion for your fellow man, despite our differences - that’s Sydney, that’s Speed.” Comments Speed vocalist Jem Siow.

The video for “One Blood We Bleed” was Produced by California Cowboys Collective, Directed by Luis Hernandez &  Jem, and Filmed & Edited by Jack Rudder.

The Extermination Vol. 4 is available for vinyl pre-order now and you can find the full tracklist below.

The Extermination Vol. 4 Tracklist
1. Speed - One Blood We Bleed
2. The Chisel - Punisher
3. Buggin - Attitude
4. Section H8 - Unhinged
5. Raw Brigade - Keep On Running (Crux Cover)
6. Jivebomb - American Rule
7. End It - Familia Finito
8. Spy - Mob
9. Law Of Power - Nothing To Show
10. Mutually Assured Destruction - The Axeman's Letter
11. Choice To Make - Tryin'

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