Gimme Metal Radio Announces Month End Closure

Yesterday, Gimme Radio announced the impending shutdown of their Gimme Metal and Gimme Country apps. The free internet radio service had a six-year run exposing listeners to a wide array of music from certified classics to unknown up-and-comers.

Unlike any other service, Gimme allowed artists and listeners the opportunity to present hand-picked playlists to their audience. Several previous Getting It Out podcast guests have hosted a show on the program blasting obscure hardcore punk to the standard bearers of heavy metal. The app also included a chat feature that allowed for interaction with each DJ and fellow listeners. The result was and is an established community of metal fans worldwide, united by Gimme Metal.

Co-founder Tyler Lenane made the official announcement and his full statement can be read HERE.

I'd like to thank Gimme Metal as I have first-hand experience working together to promote the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club. They were the first company to take Getting It Out seriously and establish a hopefully mutually beneficial partnership. Outside of that working relationship, I've also been a customer many times over, as I've ordered stacks of records from both the Gimme Metal and Gimme Country online stores.

By the way, those stores are still open, at least until the end of the month. You can help, by picking something up. You can also sign the "Goodbye Board" HERE.

Dan Craley
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Dan Craley

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