Gods Of Sometimes Releases Eponymous New Single

GODS OF SOMETIMES featuring Brad Davis of FU MANCHU and Andrew Giacumakis of MOAB has revealed the title track from their debut self titled album. The album is scheduled for release on July 21st courtesy of Falling Dome Records.

The band comments on the record, "Coming from heavy bands, we wanted to make a chill record. Something you could listen to in the morning with your coffee, and not get bummed out by too much aggression. We love heavy music, but we also like mellow melodic music, and we wanted to explore that. There's still some muscularity on the album but it's really about melody and vibe."

Commenting on the track, "'Gods of Sometimes' was the first song we wrote together. It basically started off the whole idea for the project and fittingly became the name of the band as well. Sonically, it set the tone for the entire album and kinda showed us where the music was headed. Couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out."

Check out God Of Sometimes on Bandcamp.

Gods Of Sometimes Tracklisting:
1. Gods Of Sometimes
2. Dawn Of The Tin Man
3. Stilted Low
4. In The End (Feat. J. Mascis)
5. Hand On The Hide
6. Watching For Satelites
7. Wherewithal
8. You Will
9. Just Another One

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