Heavy Temple Reveal Cover Of Soundgarden's "Ugly Truth"

The latest single from the Magnetic Eye Records Best Of Soundgarden Redux record is here, and this time it's HEAVY TEMPLE's version of "Ugly Truth".

The band comments, "When I was a teenager, my cousin, a photographer, would send me all these singles and albums he got from record labels", singer and bass player High Priestess Nighthawk writes. "I was already obsesessed with the 'Black Hole Sun' video, and then he sent me a copy of 'Superunknown'. I didn't know it then, but that record would change my life and ultimately turn into one of the albums that made me the musician that I am today. They're the best of the big 4, with Alice in Chains coming in a close second for me. But Soundgarden will forever be the pinnacle of grunge for me, I've been listening to them for over 20 years and it just gets better every time. Obviously there were a lot of songs to choose from, but 'Ugly Truth' is a straight up beef track banger. Additionally it's the first track on 'Louder than Love', another stellar album. Chris' voice could peel paint off walls, so I questioned whether or not I could do it, or even honor his voice in a way that felt appropriate. We didn't change much since the song is just so good on its own. We were even going to drop it a key but finally said fuck it and just recorded it as-is. We hope everyone digs our tribute to an amazing band."

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Best of Soundgarden Redux
1. Freedom Hawk 'Loud Love'
2. Heavy Temple 'Ugly Truth'
3. High Desert Queen 'Slaves and Bulldozers'
4. Witch Ripper 'Rusty Cage'
5. Mirakler 'Birth Ritual'
6. Miss Lava 'Burden in My Hand'
7. Sun Crow 'Toy Box'
8. Spotlights 'Jesus Christ Pose'
9. Swamp Coffin 'Nothing to Say'
10. Milana 'Outshined'
11. Josiah 'Applebite'
12. Lamassu 'Searching with My Good Eye Closed'
13. Blue Heron 'Uncovered'
14. Dendrites 'Tighter and Tighter'
15. Restless Spirit 'Room a Thousand Years Wide'

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