Mastiff Drop "Void"

MASTIFF, the metallic sludge/hardcore quintet from the UK, have released a new track titled "Void," from their forthcoming new album. Deprecipice will officially drop on March 22nd courtesy of MNRK Heavy. The record is the follow up to 2021's Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth, also released on MNRK Heavy, and finds the band conciously and slightly altering their sound.

We’ve gone quite a lot towards a hardcore sound,” says vocalist Jim Hodge. “Where the last one was more death metal, this one’s a lot more staccato: a lot more defined, riff-wise.

Guitarist James Lee Ross comments on the new single, “’Void’ might not fall in the literal middle of Deprecipice, but in many ways it acts as a thematic centerpiece, both musically and lyrically. There’s a strong Converge influence in the guitars for sure, and we wanted it to have a ragged, almost punk sound that gradually evolves into this monstrous, lurching breakdown. [Bassist] Dan [Dolby] and [producer] Joe [Clayton] then worked on washing the song over with some nasty, unsettling electronic noise that gives it this really queasy vibe.

"For a good while we had the music finished but hadn’t landed on a lyric, but then in the few weeks between the initial album tracking and Jim’s vocal session my mother passed away after a short but brutal battle with lung cancer, and this song ended up becoming the outlet for all of the pain and grief I had spilling out of me. To suddenly not have that safety net of the person who created you, for them to just be gone with nothing to take their place, it really did feel like a void opened in my chest, and this song was my humble attempt to put that feeling into words.

Pre-order Deprecipice HERE.

Deprecipice Track Listing:
1. Bite Radius
2. Everything Is Ending
3. Void
4. Cut-Throat feat. Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man)
5. Skin Stripper
6. Serrated feat. Harry Nott (Burner) & XIII
7. Worship feat. Yersin
8. Pitiful
9. The Shape
10. Thorn Trauma

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