Miss Lava Unveil "Sleepy Warm" Music Video


MISS LAVA's "Sleepy Warm" video was captured during the Evil Twins Tour with Dollar Llama.The week-long trek saw both bands play some of Portugal's most iconic clubs. "Sleepy Warm" wasdirected, filmed, and edited by Manuel Portugal at RCA Club in Lisbon and Salão Brazil in Coimbra with extra camera work at RCA Club by Pedro Lopes. 

Elaborates guitarist K. Raffah, “It was awesome to get back on the road after Covid, especially on this tour with our brothers Dollar Llama. I guess this video is a great way to celebrate the Portuguese rock n’ roll spirit!” 

Adds director Manuel Portugal, “My main goal was to capture the energy of the band live, so that everyone that sees the video can channel the same vibrations as those who watch the show.”

Dan Craley
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