Mos Generator Debut A New Track

Heavy rock vets MOS GENERATOR will return with their new record, Time//Wounds, on December 16th. "Burn Away The Years" is the second single from their tenth full length album.

Tony Reed (guitar/vocals/keys) comments on the track, "'Burn Away The Years' is another song about time and how it gives and takes. Like many of the songs on the Time//Wounds album it’s hard to pinpoint the direct source of inspiration. The song was arranged and recorded in one day in between a series of shows we had and I have to say that the final outcome is much different than I would have expected from hearing the rundown demo. The synthesizers, horns and Mellotron strings mixed with the seamless series of tempo and mood changes makes the track feel like seventies prog - pop with some underground eighties sprinkled over the top."

Pre-order the album HERE.

Time//Wounds Tracklisitng: 
1. Aja-Minor
2. (Don't) Wait Until Tomorrow
3. Burn Away The Years
4. Getting Good At Revenge
5. Only Yesterday
6. Until We Meet Again (Parts I-IV)

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