Necrofier Announces New Album

NECROFIER have revealed the details from their forthcoming sophomore LP Burning Shadows In The Southern Night to be released June 2nd via Season Of Mist Underground Activities. Included with the announcement is a brand new music video for the first single "Burnt By The Sacred Flame."

Necrofier comments:
"For where I am, for where I am not
For where I go, and where I have been, I burned my soul into this record"

Burning Shadows in the Southern Night is now available for pre-order HERE and can be pre-saved on streaming services HERE.

01. The Fall from Heaven (03:24) 
02. Total Southern Darkness (05:43) 
03. To the Wolves (03:54) 
04. Forbidden Light of the Black Moon (05:20) 
05. Destroying Angels (05:09) 
06. Whispers That Burn in the Dark (04:40) 
07. The All Seeing shadows (04:44) 
08. On Wings of Death We Burn the Sky (03:50) 
09. Call to the Beyond (04:29) 
10. Burnt by the Sacred Flame (06:00) [WATCH]
Total Running Time- 00:47:12

Dan Craley
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