Never Ending Game Reveal New Album Details

Detroit's NEVER ENDING GAME have announced the particulars of their upcoming album Outcry. The sophomore effort is set for release on May 12th courtesy of Triple B Records. Today, they've premiered two singles, "Never Die" and "Memories." The former features guest appearances from Trapped Under Ice's Justice Tripp on vocals and Sam Trapkin on guitar. Outcry was produced, recorded, and mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSeige.

Vocalist Mikey Petroski comments on the record, “Detroit is everything to the band. I wouldn’t write the way I do if we came up anywhere else. From the influence of how to structure a song growing up hearing Motown, the emotion of a Bob Seger song on a summer's night on the radio, and the value of honest hard work. There’s decades of influence from all that’s come before us out of Detroit in our band's DNA. We have bands like Negative Approach and Cold As Life from here that paved the way for someone to even want to pay attention to a hardcore band coming out of Detroit. There’s a sense of pride that people from Detroit carry that’s unlike most other places. We try to wave that flag as much as possible and pay it all forward.”

Never Die


Outcry is available for pre-order now through Triple B Records.

Outcry Tracklist:

1. Outcry

2. Never Die ft. Justice Tripp and Sam Trapkin

3. Down There (With You)

4. Hate Today... Die Tomorrow

5. Tank On E

6. Victory

7. Goin' Thru Some Things

8. Memories

9. Fire of the Heart

10. Clown

11. Something Wrong

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