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There have been nine new additions to the Getting It Out artist directory since the last batch hit. Nine is the maximum and this group is absolutely stacked. The variety of the acts featured below is a fine representation of the many styles and subgenres of "the underground" music scene we strive to cover. As always, new to the site doesn't mean new to the world, and that's certainly true for the list of bands below. The hope is at least one or two of the bands is new to you, the reader. There is certainly something here for everyone!


What is it? Groove heavy, technically proficient, and brutal heavy metal from Atlanta. Mix up equal parts Pantera, Meshuggah, Slayer, and Suffocation, and that will be a close representation of what the band offers. They recently wrapped up a tour with TesseracT, but would also sound at home on the road with a technical death metal package. Their new EP Death Is But A Door will drop January 12th via Nuclear Blast Records. Three singles from the record are available now, but check out "Fogbelt" below to get an idea of the band's unique sound.

Pre-order Death Is But A Door HERE.

Alluvial on


What is it? Japanese hardcore featuring current and former members of Stand United, Inside, Die Birth, Civil Defense, and Soul Vice. Their debut LP The Big Escape is an absolute ripper of dynamic hardcore which owes as much to Cro-Mags as it does to the more modern styles of the music. Notably, all of the lyrics are in the band's native language, but trust that their message is clear. Without a doubt, Blow Your Brains Out released one of the best records of the genre this year. Any fan of hardcore of any era will be pleased when they push play on The Big Escape.

Check out The Big Escape HERE.

Blow Your Brains Out on


What is it? Swedish death metal with that classic old school HM2 sound. Their second album in as many years, the band is moving at a prolific pace since forming in 2020. Morbid Symphonies was released in late November and is the band's debut on Black Lion Records. Fun and brutal straight up death metal.

Check out Morbid Symphonies HERE.

Farsoth on


What is it? Led by Full Of Hell drummer Dave Bland, Jarhead Fertilizer are an amalgamation of distorted extreme metal sounds rooted in death metal and powerviolence. On their latest full-length Carceral Warfare (Closed Casket Activities), the band expands their sound to further unsettling territory than previous releases. Grind, death metal, industrial, and even hip-hop beats are presented in an onslaught of auditory ferocity.

Check out Carceral Warfare HERE.

Jarhead Fertilizer on


What is it? Heavy streetwise hardcore from the Netherlands. Fans of Merauder, Terror, All Out War and Madball are absolutely sure to hear something they like when they push play on the band's new album Mind Pollution out now via Coretex Records. The metallic hardcore sound will translate to both the small packed rooms on the East Coast of the US and festival stages across Europe.

Check out Mind Pollution HERE.

Lies! on


What is it? Heavy psych rock from Tuscany, Italy. Mr. Bison will release their fifth album Echoes From The Universe on February 16th courtesy of Heavy Psych Sounds Records. The first single from the upcoming record "Child Of The Night Sky" is a fine example of the band's ability to melt the listener in place for it's five minute running time. Tap in below and let the track wash over you!

Pre-order Echoes From The Universe HERE.

Mr. Bison on


What is it? An undeniable classic U.S. rock and roll gem, The Obsessed and frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich are iconic in the world of doom metal. On February 16th they will release their highly-anticipated fifth album Gilded Sorrow through Ripple Music. Having formed in the late 70's it's truly a momentous occasion any time the band blesses the world with more fuzzed out material. First glimpse "Stoned Back To The Bomb Age" is a great indication that the new record will be of the highest quality.

Pre-order Gilded Sorrow HERE.

The Obsessed on


What is it? Featuring members of Mindforce, Age of Apocalypse, Restraining Order, Mutually Assured Destruction and more, SENTINEL are a crossover beast built by hardcore and punk veterans. Age Of Decay is their debut LP and it is available now via Convulse Records. Recommended for fans of early Corrosion of Conformity, D.R.I., and Crumbsuckers will immediately rejoice when they push play on this sucker.

Check out Age Of Decay HERE.

Sentinel on


What is it? Vicious death metal with heavy thrash influences hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their debut EP titled Eternal Darkness is scheduled for release on December 15th and features five ripping tracks. Soul Incursion will make their impact felt in less than twenty five minutes when these tracks drop. Certainly a band to be on the watch for. Especially if you like Pestilence, Death, or Demolition Hammer.

Pre-order Eternal Darkness HERE.

Soul Incursion on

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