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Aside from recording and editing Getting It Out Podcast, most of the behind the scenes work of goes into creating the artist directory. Those pages are typically referenced each week in regards to the podcast, but rarely get much shine on their own. Let's change that!

As time allows, I'll outline the latest additions to the site library and hope it acts as a point of discovery for those always looking for something new.


What's is it? Blackened death metal with symphonic elements. Undeniably groove and heaviness contrasted with melodious orchestration. FFO: The Kennedy Veil, Inanimate Existence, Arkaik

A Divinis on

Here more on Bandcamp.


What's is it? DIY noise punk from the UK. If you call it emo or post-hardcore, no one will object. However, there's an angular and artful intangible to the two demo tracks that suggest

Achers on

Get the demo HERE.


What is it? Members of Uada, The Black Dahlia Murder, Chrome Waves, and Lotus Thrones, are a black metal beast full of tranquilizers and headed for their imminent doom.

Altars Of The Moon on

Pre-order The Colossus And The Widow HERE.


What is it? Big room progressive power metal from Brazil. Their upcoming album Cycles Of Pain may be the best record in their thirty year history. Arguably more metallic than ever, the South American icons have a lot of momentum going into their tenth LP.

Angra on

Pre-order Cycles Of Pain HERE.


What is it? Sharp grinding death metal from Massachusetts dropping their first full-length, Anthropogenic Ruin, October 27th. FFO: Gorguts, Carcass, Death, and Malevolent Creation.

Bacterial Husk on

Pre-order Anthropogenic Ruin HERE.


What is it? Philly-based punk soaked grindcore with death metal precision. The force generated on their upcoming debut LP Feral, will have you questioning how they are a trio. FFO: Benediction, Brutal Truth, and Nailbomb.

Concrete Caveman on

Pre-order Feral HERE.


What is it? Members of Discharge, Ministry, Soulfly, Nausea, Amebix, and more, croaking out post-punk on the venerated Neurot Recordings. This band is a stark contrast to what each member is known for, but still encompasses the grit and anger from their primary projects. It's merely soaked in despair on their debut LP Let Them Eat Fake.

False Fed on

Check out Led Them Eat Fake HERE.


What is it? Speed metal blasting out of Austin, Texas, served up with a heaping side of black metal. Their new LP Midnight Assassin is sure to appeal of Goatwhore, Midnight, Motorhead, and Sodom. Be sure to take some time to watch the video below for the title track.

Sadistic Force on

Check out Midnight Assassin HERE.

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