Prosthetic Records Signs Creak

Prosthetic Records has announced Newcastle-based quartet CREAK as the latest addition to their eclectic roster. The plan is to release their debut album Depth Perception on August 18th, but first, the band have unveiled the first single "Restless Dreams".

Vocalist Jack Dunn comments on the signing, "Releasing our debut album on Prosthetic is something that all of us are really excited about. It means a lot to us that we can have a release on a label alongside bands that we’re not only fans of but that we’ve also been influenced by.  We really feel we’ve found a home for the band with Prosthetic."

On Depth Perception, guitarist Patrick Morton continues, "We had the album name Depth Perception before we actually started the album officially. After looking at the EP in hindsight and a lot of the stuff lyrically we dealt with on the album, we gained a lot of new perspectives and where all really into that as a name for whatever the next project was going to be."

Dunn continues, "The album overall focuses on dealing with family illness and trauma, and for me personally my internal struggle in a lot of those situations. Feeling guilty about my own emotions, and going over things in a circle in my own head, trying to get to a point where I can try to become comfortable with them. The album was a way for me to get a lot of that negativity out."

Pre-order Depth Perception HERE.

Depth Perception tracklist:
1. Crossroads
2. Hare in the Woods
3. An Endless Black
4. Doomed
5. Restless Dreams
6. Harrow
7. Left to Heaven
8. Depth Perception
9. The Early Hours Know My Secrets
10. Cold Shoulder
11. I'm Not Alone in the Dark
12. A Head Full of Rain

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