Review: Big Laugh - Consume Me

Album Title
Consume Me
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Revelation Records

I’ll wager pretty confidently, that any and every review for BIG LAUGH’s debut LP Consume Me, is going to mention their Milwaukee roots. It’s relevant because few hardcore bands are known to come from Cream City, but how many can compare them to Bucks star Khris Middleton? This will be the only one.

Let’s start with appearances. Big Laugh opts for a traditional hardcore presentation with a simple moniker and The Abused style logo and artwork. Much like Middleton’s game, there is no need for flash or posturing. Those same looks can be deceiving, but the band is capable of bearing down with hardcore punk, like Khash Money thundering through the lane for a raucous dunk. Self-described as “punks who listen to Judge” as if to say “I’m not violent, but I can be dangerous.”

In today’s NBA, three-point shooting is a premium. Last season, Middleton surpassed sharp-shooting legend Ray Allen for the most threes in Bucks history. Whether it’s flourishes of harsh Japanese style hardcore, sporadic moshable NYHC, or effervescent melodic moments throughout the record, Big Laugh have range too! A little more clarity in the vocals might be nice, but Khris isn’t very outspoken either.

As good both are, they are equally reliant on big time support for their respective versions of success. This Winter, New Jersey’s Gel will lead the band on a US tour akin to Jrue Holiday’s veteran point guard generalship. However, both will lean on established all-time greats in Revelation Records and two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, to push them to the top.

Is 2023 the year Big Laugh breaks out? Can Middleton and  the Bucks win their second championship? I like both of those bets!

Dan Craley
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