Review: Castrator - Defiled In Oblivion

Album Title
Defiled In Oblivion
Released On
Dark Descent Records

About 7 years ago, Castrator burst onto the death metal scene demanding respect and deservingly earned it with their demo/EP No Victim. Zero fucks were given as they blasted through death metal's often misogynistic tones with high energy. Then, they just seemed to fade away a bit.

Not long ago, the always trustworthy Dark Descent Records announced they signed them for their debut full length. Instantly I was intrigued as I saw they had a new guitarist and vocalist. Could they match the EP? Yes and fucking kill it in the process. I had the fortune to see them live at Death Nexus Fest in Philadelphia before hearing the album. They easily stole the show. High energy and brutal riffing were on full display. I was super hyped to hear the album. Thankfully, it exceeded expectations. 

Defiled in Oblivion rips out of the gate ready to go for the balls. New guitarist Kimberly (formerly of Harlequin) upped the ante on this riff fest along with new vocalist Clarissa (of Vicious Blade) spews ruthless venom all over the place in a super high energy romp through a fresh take on the tropes of old school death metal anchored by a tight rhythm section of Hypoxia drummer Carolina and Derketa bassist Robin. These days, old school death metal bands are popping up all over and it's hard to stand out, Castrator is head and shoulders above the majority of the pack with an unrelenting sound that would fit in perfectly in 1990's Florida death metal, while also not sounding like a relic. 

If you look into the band more, you'll notice a running theme many will be talking about; the band is entirely made up of women. Sadly, in a male dominated scene that, as mentioned earlier, is very often misogynistic, this is something of a rarity. Thankfully, it's becoming less rare. Death metal shouldn't be a sausage fest. Castrator stands as a statement to that. They're not a novelty. They're a band that will be taking respect whether the neanderthal boy's club likes it or not. With a lineup now all based in the US, I hope we get to see more live shows because that's really where they shined for me. 

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