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Vegan For The Animals
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Let's preface this entire review with this, I am an unabashed Earth Crisis fanboy. The band has easily been one of the most influential to my life and lifestyle. Through them, I found out about animal rights and veganism along with a strong heart for straight edge all backed by some of the best riffs ever. These are sentiments they've touted since their inception. All of these decades later, they're probably one of the only bands that have waved the flag for that long and STILL remain true to it. That alone commands respect and brings us to the aptly named new EP.

The world hasn't been blessed with new EXC music since 2014's Salvation of the Innocents. At the Philly dates for Cali Takeover, they informed the crowd of a new EP coming out soon and played two new ripping songs. Those are present on Vegan for the Animals along with finally giving fans studio records of the 2 new songs from their 1998 live album The Oath the Keeps Me Free.

From the opening track, I'm immediately thrown back to the band's 90's sounds, namely the track "Wrath of Sanity" while not being a blatant throwback. It's Earth Crisis showing they may be older now, but they still run this shit and are kings of the style. I haven't been this hyped on a hardcore song in some time and that's saying a lot considering how much awesome music has been released in recent time. Vegan for the Animals demands to be a setlist staple along with their classic hits. 

Track 2 is the other new song, "Through A River of Blood" is a touch slower and brooding, but just as brutal. It follows a similar style to the opener. It has one of my favorite riffs on the EP at the halfway point as well. 

As mentioned, the back half is represented by studio recordings from their live album almost 25 years ago. Very thankful to have these now. It doesn't come across as filler at all. The energy is more than still there and the songs have new life in my opinion. "Smash or Be Smashed" is still just as crushing. 

The recording is very good throughout. Great guitar/bass tone, awesome drum sounds, excellent mix, but I have to give credit where it's due, Karl sounds incredible. Over 30 years into this and he's giving one of his best performances. It's amazing. Earth Crisis are without a doubt one of the most important bands to ever come out of the hardcore community and for them to still be dropping anthems for new generations to learn from is a gift that keeps giving. 

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Rick has been writing off and on for a couple sites for years now. He is glad to give his opinion of music via Getting It Out. Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, he is not Amish, he is still vegan and still straight edge. He is a loving father and husband. Rick also used to play guitar and growl like an idiot in death metal band Defleshuary.

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