Review: Outer Heaven - Infinite Psychic Depths

Album Title
Infinite Psychic Depths
Released On
Relapse Records

It's been around 5 years since PA's Outer Heaven puked into our ears their greatness on Realms of Eternal Decay, their first full-length. That alone was a very nice step up from their demo and EP prior. Easy to say, I was hyped for anything to come after. Then they added a Tomb Mold guitarist in their bassist slot and I was even more hyped. Then, with what felt like it has been forever, watching their recording updates on social media just fed my hype. Well, the hype train just rolled into the station, did it live up to expectations? Goddamn did it ever!

In short, Infinite Psychic Depths is Outer Heaven at their most realized. If you like death metal at all, I can't find a single reason you shouldn't love this release. It has the riffs for the old head purists and plenty of parts for the new kids that may have found death metal via Maggot Stomp (read: that's not a bad thing at all). Start to finish finds them giving a solid nod to the titans of death metal's past while putting their spin on it and trampling forward for new death metal. 

I love the recording too. It's beefy AF. So beefy it may ask you how much you bench. Just know, probably not as much as this LP if it were able to lift. It's dirty in all the right ways, but clear too without being sterile. It adds to the energy of it all. Tight riffs, heavy grooves, sick drums, and vocals that sound like a madman growling in a cave, incredible songwriting. It's a complete death metal release. This shis crushes. 

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