Review: Ripped To Shreds - 劇變 (Jubian)

Album Title
劇變 (Jubian)
Released On
Relapse Records

In a short amount of time, 6 years, the Ripped to Shreds star has burned bright. Steadily climbing and demanding a name for themselves. Taking all the best parts of death metal’s early foundation, Sweden’s incredible guitar tone, and grind’s unrelenting drumming, 劇變 (Jubian) finds the band at home on Relapse Records. They also find themselves at their most focused and visceral. This coincides with them being rounded out as a full band and not mostly a one man band.

The scathing opener of "Violent Compulsion for Conquest" sees guitarist/vocalist Andrew Lee setting the tone for 劇變 (Jubian). Think of Entombed meets Bolt Thrower, but way more blast beats. When they hit the song "Race Traitor", we even hear some classic melodic death metal sounds making its way in. A very welcome addition to the riff repertoire of the band. That strolls right into a masterful lead section of said song.

劇變 (Jubian) sees the band fully focused, defining their sound, and pacing an album for repeat listens. The buzz around Ripped to Shreds is well earned. They have crafted an incredible album that surely will see them on many years’ end lists. It’s not recreating the wheel, it’s certainly not treading waters in the current filled sea of old school flavored death metal. They live up to their name, they rip and they shred. They also continue achieving their goal of increasing visibility for American-born Chinese. If you enjoy any of the myriad subgenres  within death metal, there’s zero reason for you to skip over this release. 

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