Soul Blind Go Retro on "Third Chain"

It feels weird to call something "retro" that calls back to the 90's, but I guess that would be true in this case. Soul Blind, from Hudson Valley, NY, just dropped the video for "Third Chain", the title track off of their upcoming EP on Other People Records.

The band comments;

“Third Chain came together in the midst of writing last summer. The song comes from a wide array of influences of ours that we’ve molded into our own. It’s a very guitar driven song carried by melodies of the vocals. We tried to tap into that fast paced gritty guitar-driven sound while keeping the chorus open and huge. Our guitarist Finn came up with the lead riff and everything fell together naturally after that. It’s stood out to us as the single for the EP because it’s a good middle ground of the three tracks and exemplifies how diverse our sound can be. We shot the music video at a park from our area that we all went to growing up with a close friend and frequent collaborator, Justin Pietropaoli.”

Upcoming Soul Blind tour dates;

with Modern Color
8/26/2021 - San Diego, CA @ Department w/ Goon + Was
8/27/2021 - Long Beach, CA @ Supply & Demand w/ Milly + Slow Trip
8/28/2021 - San Jose, CA @ The X Bar w/ Maya + Slumped + Brahm
with Koyo
9/17/2021 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ APEX Studios w/ Restraining Order
9/18/2021 - North Haven, CT @ The Cockeyed Crow w/ Restraining Order + Rule Them All + End It
9/19/2021 - Oakdale, NY @ Shakers Pub
9/20/2021 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire w/ Webbed Wing
9/21/2021 - Greensboro, NC @ Gate City Garage
9/22/2021 - Columbia, SC @ New Brooklyn Tavern
9/23/2021 - Jacksonville, FL @ Archetype w/ Magnitude + Point Of Contact + Kharma
9/24/2021 - Brandon, FL @ Noisebox w/ Magnitude + Point Of Contact + Kharma
9/25/2021 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Bark w/ Magnitude + One Step Closer
9/26/2021 - Pensacola, FL @ American Legion w/ Magnitude + One Step Closer
9/27/2021 - Atlanta, GA @ The Dog House
9/28/2021 - Richmond, VA @ The Camel w/ One Step Closer 
10/09/2021 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds w/  No Pressure, Koyo, Victory Garden, Charity 
10/30/2021 - New Haven, CT @ State House w/ Narrow Head + Waveform

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