This Week's New Releases

Keeping up with each week's new releases can be hard. Check out the list below to make sure you haven't missed anything or maybe even find something new you hadn't heard of. You'll find a preview for each release and a link to buy it if you like what you hear.

If we missed something, let us know! If you've got a future release you want us to be aware of, tell us!

Altareth - Blood (Magnetic Eye Records) - Buy It

Autokrator - Persecution (Krucyator Productions) - Buy It

Blind Tiger - Self Titled (Self Released) - Buy It

Bryan Eckermean - Plague Bringer (Self Released) - Buy It

Extinction A.D. - Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda (Unique Leader Records) - Buy It

Fornhem - Stämman från Berget (Trollmusic) - Buy It

Funeral Chant - Dawn Of Annihilation (Carbonized) - Buy It

Glassing - Twin Dream (Brutal Panda Records) - Buy It

Green Desert Water - Black Harvest (Small Stone Records) - Buy It

MØL - Diorama (Nuclear Blast Records) - Buy It

Nequient - Collective Punishment (Nefarious Industries) - Buy It

Old Man Wizard - Kill Your Servants Quietly (Self Released) - Buy It

Sarke - All Sighr (Soulseller Records) - Buy It

Sea Sleeper - Nostophobia (Metal Assault) - Buy It

Thangorodrim - Liberation In Unbound Chaos 666 (Blood Blast Distribution) - Buy It

When The Deadbolt Breaks - As Hope Valley Burns: Eulogy (Electric Talon Records) - Buy It

Witnesses - The Collapse (Self Released) - Buy It

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Dan Craley

Dan started Getting It Out back in 2018 as a stand alone podcast. He’s been writing for music websites for over a decade and finally decided to start his own. Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids, he briefly sang for Baltimore’s Pleasant Living.

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