Anciients Detail New Album

It's eight years since Canadian progressive metal masters ANCIIENTS released their sophomore album Voice of the Void and subsequently vanished. Today, they've officially re-emerged with the details for a new album titled Beyond the Reach of the Sun due out August 30th via Season Of Mist Records, as well as the record's first single "Melt the Crown."

"The hiatus is over," says frontman Kenny Cook. "We missed out on a huge block after the last record. But with the new album and new members, we're ready to hit it hard."

Pre-order Beyond the Reach of the Sun HERE.

Beyond the Reach of the Sun track list:
1. Forbidden Sanctuary (8:16)
2. Despoiled (5:19)
3. Is It Your God (7:07)
4. Melt the Crown (7:08) [LISTEN]
5. Cloak of the Vast and Black (6:20)
6. Celestial Tyrant (5:52)
7.Beyond Our Minds (4:12)
8. The Torch (4:13)
9. Candescence (4:10)
10. In the Absence of Wisom (6:35)

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