30,000 Monkies

From Beringen, Belgium Consouling Sounds

30,000 Monkies from Beringen, Belgium

For the past years, 30,000 Monkies have been stalwarts of the Belgian noise rock scene. 'Somewhere Over The Painbow' to ‘Are Forever’, is stuffed with pounds of suave sludge and riffs that sound like a zillion champagne corks popping all at once. HONESTY INTEGRITY FRIENDSHIP PASSION continues the tradition of making every next release better and better. Loud and luxurious, sticking out like a stockbroker in corpse paint, it became the newest mark in the history of 30,000 Monkies (who send you their greetings from a top the twisted metallic throne of Rock).

  • Ruben Savelkoul
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Michiel De Naegel
  • Mattias Jonniaux
  • Cyriel Beerten
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