From Los Angeles, CA Upstate Records Since 02/2013

Arcline from Los Angeles, CA

A new voice. A new vision. A new adventure. Los Angeles hardcore band, ARCLINE, is back with a new look going into the future. Founding guitar player, Marty Cole, has now moved to being the main person yelling into the mic.

Joining the band are Ivan Hernandez and Gabriel Batista from Take Vengeance on bass and guitar. Drake Duncan and Derek Jerome complete this five piece powerhouse on guitar and drums. This fresh mix of new talent not only help shape the bands' intense, heavy hitting sound but it def makes their practice studio smell interesting.

In May they began recording their new EP with Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio in Van Nuys, CA. Four new original songs along with a surprise cover have all been tracked and will be released by Upstate Records in October. These new songs are fueled with emotion and rage inspired by true events of modern relationships. Arcline has a love for hardcore, a love for Los Angeles and is ready to rep for both in 2019.

  • Ivan Hernandez
  • Marty Cole
  • Gabriel Batista
  • Drake Duncan
  • Derek Jerome
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