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Blossom from San Diego, CA

San Diego-based shoegaze duo Blossom holds their hearts in their hands, leaving raw emotion on the table for all to see. Composed of songwriter and guitarist Mateo Ruiz and guitarist Love, their first EP, Reflections (2022), came out in the teens’ early high school days. Heavy, lilting, somber, and dreamy, their tracks keep in line with the drive of classics like Slowdive, with vocals and a sentimentality speaking to a more modern sound–think Wisp and Whirr.


Slated to play San Diego’s iconic Voodoo Room in March ahead of the gritty alt-pop star, Slater, Blossom are gaining visibility amid a newly manifesting shoegaze craze. Embracing the melodic tones of slowcore, slowgaze, and shoegaze gaining massive traction online, the Southern California underground scene is speaking to audiences of all ages. Blossom’s forthcoming EP, Florecer, is dripping with a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. With relatable lyrics that touch on longing, lingering deep feelings, and a want to be loved, Blossom is speaking their truth. Featuring dreamy, driving guitar, heart-beating-out-of-the-chest-like drums, and breathy vocals, the songs resonate a sonically timeless refrain that can be played again and again.

  • Mateo Ruiz
  • Love
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