From Hartford, CT Unbeaten Records Since 11/2015

Boundaries from Hartford, CT

Boundaries have been turning heads since their 2015 formation in central Connecticut. Anchored by a terrifying live set and EPs that have reached the status of ‘underground classic’, the quintet have bubbled just below the surface for the past three years as they laid waste with their concoction of searing riffs, crushing breakdowns, and intimate lyrics delivered with vessel-bursting rage.


While on the rise, Boundaries has toured relentlessly, sharing stages with the likes of The Acacia Strain, Currents, Knocked Loose, and Spite, and truly established their identity with the release of their 2019 EP My Body In Bloom through Unbeaten Records. The tightly knit crew - Matthew McDougal (singer) Zadak Brooks (bass) Cory Emond (guitar) Junior Scarpa (guitar) Tim “cheese” Sullivan (drums) - pull influences from the bands who first inspired their love of heavy music such as Slipknot, Linkin Park, Static X. While those seminal groups might not be heard in the band’s output, the sonic weight of their latest effort is a fitting tribute to these early influences on the band. 


This fall, Boundaries will again partner with Unbeaten Records on their debut full-length, Your Receding Warmth. The record finds the band taking more chances than ever while building upon their inherent ferocity, stories of bleak existence, and the knack for keeping an audience on their toes that has drawn so many people to the band. Recorded with producer Randy Leboeuf at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey, the band went to painstaking lengths during the recording process to ensure the record was infused with a new level of attention to detail.


Boundaries lyrically explore escapism, insecurities, and ultimately the attempt to move forward in the face of life’s continual setbacks on Your Receding Warmth; set against a backdrop of panic-inducing riffs and earth-shattering breakdowns. They manage to paint a picture of the cold and, at times monotonous, march of life but never let the listener settle in, instead plunging them through the emotional turmoil that develops as existence becomes harsher and less forgiving as it continues. Boundaries and Unbeaten Records have been spearheading a resurgence of ruthless metalcore over the past few years. Your Receding Warmth is the culmination of all the hard work the band and label have put into pushing the genre into new territory. - Ngage

  • Matt McDougal
  • Zadak Brooks
  • Cory Emond
  • Junior Scarpa
  • Tim “Cheese” Sullivan
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