From Richmond, VA Triple B Records Since 04/2005

BraceWar from Richmond, VA

From their beginning in early 2005, it seemed clear that Bracewar were going to make waves. Formed after the break up of Richmond heavy hitters Murder Weapon, by vocalist Ryan "Braces" Wall, this Richmond, VA based outfit set out to create energetic hardcore that is both catchy and abrasive, succeeding on both accounts. Joined by Dan Horres on bass, Alex Mayo and Hunter Jennings on guitars, and later by another former member of Murder Weapon drummer Rashod Jackson, Wall and Bracewar fuse the punk fervor of Infest and Antidote with classic NYHC sounds ala Cro-Mags and Warzone. This infectious style has helped the band win over fans all along the East Coast and beyond. - 1917 Records Website

  • Rashod Jackson
  • Alex Mayo
  • Hunter Jennings
  • Ryan Wall
  • Dan Horres
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