Colony Drop

From Seattle, WA Nameless Grave Records

Colony Drop from Seattle, WA

Formed in 2019, COLONY DROP built their sound around the shredding guitars of Benjamin Burton and Ryan Moon (Turian), whose complementary-yet-distinct solo styles hearken back to the tradition of dueling duos: Hanneman/King, Denner/Shermann, and even Downing/Tipton. The pummeling rhythm section of drummer Eric Harris and bassist Ari Rosenschein (Stahv) supports their fretboard pyrotechnics, hence the band’s motto: “High Speed, Twin Lead.” Vocalist Joseph Schafer’s electric growl delivers a litany of sci-fi nightmares and countercultural anthems inspired by the weird fiction of authors including China Mieville, as well as classic anime like Mobile Suit: Gundam, from which the band derives its name.

  • Ari Rosenschein
    Bass & Vocals
  • Benjamin Burton
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Eric Harris
  • Joseph Schafer
    Vocals & Effects
  • Ryan Moon
    Guitar & Keyboard
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