From Turku, Finland The Sign Records

Craneium from Turku, Finland

Formed in 2011 in the Finnish town of Turku, CRANEIUM draw musical influence from 70's hard rock and 90's desert psychedelia which feeds into their classic riff-fueled and atmospheric sound. Over their career CRANEIUM has released two albums through California-based label Ripple Music, an independent cassette release and two split vinyls with 3rd Trip (FIN) and Black Willows (CH). Their third album Unknown Heights was recorded and mastered by producer Joona Hassinen (Studio Underjord) and released during the autumn of 2021 on The Sign Records.

  • Andreas Kaján
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Martin Ahlö
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Jonas Ridberg
  • Joel Kronqvist
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